Tomorrowland unleashes official aftermovie

The most magical two weekends of the year lie behind us. While some People of Tomorrow are still recovering from a jet lag, others may still wander around in Europe or already be at home daydreaming about how extraordinary their time at Tomorrowland was. Over the two weekends, they wrote a fascinating story of love and unity. And now the official Aftermovie is here, airing live on the Tomorrowland YouTube channel and website, just two weeks after the festival.


Tomorrowland closed out two wonderful weekends of its enchanted 2019 journey in Boom, Belgium this past July. 400.000 People of Tomorrow from 200 different countries celebrated 15 Years of Tomorrowland. And today, its official Aftermovie is airing live on the Tomorrowland YouTube channel and official website. The nostalgia-inducing movie captures the best of the two weekends in Belgium celebrating the 15th anniversary of Tomorrowland.But as The Book of Wisdom has now closed, it will inevitably open again in the future. You can relive the magic with the Official Aftermovie.

Debby Wilmsen