Over the past 10 years, we have built relationships with a wide range of journalists and creative trendsetters. No matter how big some of our clients have become in the meantime, they are still run by people with a passion – the same kind of passion that we put into Diamonds & Pearls.

We think along with our clients about how to best tell their stories and – this is something quite different – to communicate them. On one hand, through those good relations, and on the other, by creating and organising truly memorable press moments. Anyone can pop a bottle of Champagne and invite the 'flavour of the month' to an event, but we like to go further. Of course, we're not blind to trends and innovation – we're constantly listening, feeling and observing the zeitgeist.

Our work is about people and relationships, and how to find warm, personal and creative ways to bring our clients closer to their clients. Admittedly, that also sounds a bit old hat. But nevertheless, it's what we strive to do, to the best of our abilities. Every day.

Meet the Diamonds & Pearls team:

Debby Wilmsen

Her ambition was to become a journalist and write about the world and its problems. She left the quiet Kempen region for the city of Antwerp and, aside from a few odd jobs in the hospitality sector, never looked back. After graduating from university and a fascinating internship with a Flemish TV broadcaster, she immediately began working as a press officer in the fashion & lifestyle sector.

She never ended up becoming an investigative journalist, but after a few years, she was offered the job of brand manager for Martini. In the meantime, she kept up a rigorous schedule at night school and earned a diploma in ‘restaurant management’, spending many hours working in an Italian restaurant.

In 2009, Diamonds & Pearls was founded and her passion for the hospitality industry and the media could be combined. Otherwise, since 2003, not much has changed. Food & Drink have a prominent and important place in her life. She’s held onto her old-fashioned common sense from the Kempen region - despite picking up an Antwerp accent. She adores cafés and outdoor terraces, cocktails and cooking, going on walks or outdoor excursions with her husband and dog. She loves discovering new places in Belgium, but also enjoys travelling in Germany, Scandinavia and Italy, or Spain, which she has rediscovered thanks to the connection with Cava.

IG: @dwilmsen  
Contact: debby@dpcommunications.be


Frederic De Gezelle

Dreamt of exploring the world and studied tourism at Hogeschool Mechelen. He then changed course and after a brief stint studying communications, he entered the world of marketing and events, working for Bacardi-Martini and Pegase. After a few years working for large companies, in 2011, he decided to join his wife in her PR agency. And since then, he’s learned to live with being ‘the husband of…’

He loves his job, but sometimes wishes he could spend his days full-time going on long walks with the dog, running cross-country in the Ardennes and spending winters in the Alps. There's nothing wrong with dreaming…

IG: @fredo260
Mail: frederic@dpcommunications.be


Lisa Van de Velde

Studied journalism and later discovered the magical world of public relations. Has a soft spot for delicious food, yummy drinks and the smell of freshly printed magazines. Nothing makes her happier than the sun on her face and sand between her toes.

A telephone addict, but then only to keep up with the latest headlines, check out the newest hotspots and hashtags or to stay on top of where the cool kids, aka influencers, are currently hanging out. And every so often, to do some online shopping.

She started out as an intern, stayed around for a while on a student contract, spent a couple of months surfing in Australia, and then came back for real, as a fulltime member of Diamonds & Pearls since March 2016.

IG: @vdvlisa
Mail: lisa@dpcommunications.be


Jana Gijsen

Followed her curiosity and studied journalism, but found her passion in PR. Never misses a chance to go to the gym, but can also often be found lounging on the couch, watching an exciting series or surfing the Internet to expand her sneaker collection. On weekends, she lives for long summer days in the park and endless nights on the dancefloor of the best techno parties. Her thirst for new adventures has taken her to many cities worldwide, from Shanghai to Toronto, and LA, where she lost her heart to the West Coast. Started out as an intern and then became a full-time member of Diamonds & Pearls.

IG: @g_jana95
Mail: jana@dpcommunications.be



Since 2015, I've been the official office dog of Diamonds & Pearls. I am in seventh heaven when visitors arrive. Couriers, neighbours, customers, journalists or interns… I'm delighted to see them all and certainly when they share their ‘Lukke’ butter waffles with me. Sometimes I model for the Instagram stories or photos and once in a while, I'm allowed to come to an event or a meeting. I love going on walks around the Abbey of Maredsous or De Schorre in Boom and that's right, I also love those ‘Lukke’ butter waffles, but I think I might have said that already, didn't I?!

Mail: sam@dpcommunications.be